Wikileaks: CIA-NATO operation


WMR's Syrian sources are convinced that the massive release by WikiLeaks of files from Syrian computer networks is further proof that WikiLeaks is a CIA- and Mossad-linked operation designed to target other nations while maintaining plausible "independence" from U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. The leak of 2.4 million Syrian diplomatic, government, Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party, and commercial e-mails, spanning the last six years, and which included tens of thousands of Russian language e-mails, came as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ratcheted up her criticism of Russia and China for continued support for the government of Bashar al Assad in Damascus.



The birth of Wikileaks was announced to the world by Cass Sunstein, currently a top official of the Obama White House, in a February 24, 2007 article in the Washington Post entitled “Brave New Wikiworld” which proclaimed that “Wikileaks.org, founded by dissidents in China and other nations, plans to post secret government documents and to protect them from censorship with coded software.” The original Wikileaks board of directors was indeed heavily loaded with fishy Chinese “democracy activists,” many of them from the orbit of the Soros foundations. The original project might have been an attack on the Great Cyber-Wall of China, but then the priority was switched to the Middle East. Cass Sunstein is now married to Samantha Power, the Middle East director of the White House National Security Council, who directed the 2011 military coup that overthrew President Mubarak of Egypt when he had outlived his usefulness.

Sunstein became infamous with his January 2008 Harvard Law School Working Paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” where he called for the “cognitive infiltration” of “extremist groups” espousing “false conspiracy theories.”

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