Geneva conference Syria: 'transitional government is unacceptable'

US-Secretary-of-St.jpgGENEVA, 6/30/12 - On the international conference on Saturday, U.N. Security General Ban Ki-moon said that the United States and their allies have to stop supplying weapons to the Syrian opposition which are being used against the Syrian government.

"We can not accept that there is an interference in Syria's internal affairs.  We can not impose a 'transitional government' to Syria and we can not demand that President Bashar Assad is excluded from any role in a new Syrian government", said the U.N. Security General.

Ban Ki-Moon, who is known as a spokesman of the American government, claimed in a remarkable way: 'Let us stop with the war propaganda against President Assad and the Syrian government. The creation of civil wars in countries as Syria which can be used for military interventions by NATO, is not the UN's objective.  If we want to prevent massacres, we can not send at the same time weapons. We can not use double standards,” he said.

Photo: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who wants NATO starts a war against Syria in a so called 'humanitarian mission', looks disappointed