Israeli Occupation Authorities: Syrian journalist locked up in prison

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Israeli Occupation Unfairly Sentences Journalist Imad al-Merei to 7 Months Imprisonment

Sep 27, 2012

QUNEITRA, (SANA) – The Israeli occupation authorities sentenced journalist Imad al-Merei from the occupied Majdal Shams to 7 months imprisonment.

Al-Merei, who owned 'Baladi' website, was charged with resisting the occupation and standing by the people of the occupied Golan in hosting the Palestinians and the Syrian youths when they marked al-Nakba and al-Naksa (setback)days last year.

In a statement to SANA reporter in Quneitra, Merei's mother expressed pride in her family who suffered in the Israeli jails, stressing that they will continue struggle from behind the bars.

She said that her son has spent many months under house arrest before he was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment.

The Syrian TV reporter in the occupied Golan, Atta Farhat, said that arresting journalist al-Merei came within the framework of the Israeli occupation's attempts to silence the media of resistance in the occupied Golan through arresting journalists and tightening its grip around them.

He stressed that the will and determination of the Golan people who are committed to their homeland and rights will overcome the Zionist entity's suppressive practices.

R. Raslan/M. Ismael 


Photo: Syrian families evacuating the Golan heights