Syria: foreign armed terrorists killed


America's president Obama signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for the terrorists and armed groups in Syria and the British government decided to increase Britain's support for the armed groups in Syria, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million)'.

Without the ongoing western war propaganda and the arming of terrorists for terrorists attacks in Syria, there would have been found a political solution.


Armed Forces Carry out Qualitative Operation against Terrorists in Homs

The armed forces also carried out a qualitative operation against terrorists in al-Hamidiya neighborhood in Homs, killing 7 terrorists, including Yousef Hammoud who is wanted for committing a number of crimes.

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in al-Qseir Countryside, Homs

The armed forces clashed with a terrorist group that was attacking law-enforcement forces and civilians in al-Adra road in Burket Hamze area in al-Qseir countryside.

A source at the province said that the clash resulted in the death of 14 terrorists and the injuring of 3, along with the destruction of a car and several motorbikes the terrorists were using.

Among the dead terrorists are Khaled Ahmad Amer, Mohammad Yousef Amer, and Husseing Shihadeh Amer.

An armed forces unit clashed with a terrorist group in the town of al-Bouayda al-Sharqiya in al-Qseir countryside, eliminating many of the terrorists including Wael Abdelhalim Zakariya, Abdelhalim Zakariya, Mohammad Abdelrahim Qastarawi, and Ali Mohammad Qastarawi. 

4 Martyred, 35 Others Injured in Explosion of Explosive Device on Homs-Masyaf Highway

Four passengers were martyred and 35 others injured in a terrorist attack against a bus near al-Zaybak town on Masyaf-Homs highway on Sunday.

SANA reporter quoted a source in Homs province as saying that an armed terrorist group detonated an explosive device planted under the road near the aforementioned town.

The explosion resulted in the martyrdom of a woman named 'Rasha Fahed Said' and three others.

The explosion left a crater 4 to 5 in diameters.

Armed Forces Storm Terrorists' Centers in Homs

The armed forces stormed a number of terrorists' hideouts in Jourat al-Shayyah area in Homs, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

A source at the province said that large number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the clash, adding that two ammunition warehouses were destroyed.

Several Terrorists Arrested, Weapons Confiscated in Tal Qartal, Hama

 In Hama, authorities on Sunday stormed into a terrorists' den in Tal Qartal in the southern side of the province and arrested several terrorist with their weapons.

SANA reporter said that the weapons confiscated include machine guns and pistols of various calibers with their ammunition.

Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Daraa

Authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group in Busr al-Harir in Daraa, killing many terrorists and seizing their weapons.

In Daraa, authorities carried out a qualitative operation in al-Herak town, killing several terrorists and destroying two cars that belong to the terrorists, in addition to confiscating different sorts of weapons.

An official source in the province said that the authorities confiscated 32 anti-tank mines with their detonators, three Israeli-made LAO launchers with their shells, 11 RPGs and ten batteries used for remote detonation, in addition to 2,117 bulletsand othe weapons and ammunition.

In the other hand, military engineering units dismantled an explosive device that was planted by terrorists on Jamleh-Nafaa main street in Darra countryside, weighing 200kg.

Also, authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group in Basr al-Harir in the rural area of the province , killing most of them and confiscated their weapons.

An official source said that the bodies of Khlil Hussein Mohammad, Salem Sarraj Ahmad were identified among the dead.

The authorities confiscated their weapons that include machine guns and sniper rifles.

Authorities Target Terrorists in Jabal al-Zawya, Inflict Heavy Losses Upon Them

Authorities attacked the areas of Sarja and Deir Senbul in Jabal al-Zawya in Idleb countryside.

A source at the province told SANA that these areas were used as rally points for terrorist groups, adding that dozens of terrorists were killed and large numbers of them were wounded in the operation.

The source added that among the killed terrorists were Deeb Yousef Zraiq and Mousa Habib Abu Habib.

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