Syria: families back home


10.9.2012 - DAMASCUS, (SANA)

The Syrian Arab Army today continued operations of cleaning and pursuing the terrorists in the popular neighborhoods of Daf al-Shouk and al-Tadamun to the south of Damascus.

A military source told SANA that al-Tadamun has been cleaned from terrorists for the second time where they returned to it after the first time, storming the houses, digging holes behind walls and snipping the army forces and civilians.

The source said that the terrorists' resorting to the popular neighborhoods caused big damages to the private and public properties, as they use all kinds of weapons, including RPGs, explosives, cars equipped with Dushka machineguns and others.

It added that the civilians have been forced to flee their homes by the armed terrorist groups who opened holes among the crowded building to escape from the army forces.

"The gunmen were rumoring against the Syrian Army to defame its reputation.. they wore the army uniforms to harm its heroism, but they couldn't deceit the people after their terrorist acts were uncovered," one of the citizens said.

"I escaped along with my family before Ramadan as gunmen were terrifying the people, and I was forced to leave my home to rent another with 10.000 SYP monthly.. this was another burden that I suffered.. I call on the army to remain in our neighborhood because I feel safe when the army is present," Mohammad al-Ahmad, a state employee said.

Mazen Eyon


(The links to SANA are regularly blocked by the foreign intelligence services which bomb the people with war propaganda)