Turkish government opened its airports and border to terrorists


Foreign Ministry: Turkish Government Opened its Airports and Borders to Terrorists to Commit Crimes against the Syrians 

Sept. 16th, 2012 - DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that the Turkish government has opened its airports and border to terrorist members to carry out terrorist acts against the Syrian people in a flagrant violation of the international law and the rules of good neighborliness.

The Ministry's stress came in two identical letters addressed on Sunday to Chairman of the Security Council and the UN Secretary General.

The Ministry affirmed in its letters that the Turkish government has allowed the entry of thousands of al-Qaeda terrorists and takfiris and wahhabis to commit their crimes of killing the innocent Syrians, blowing up their properties and spreading chaos and sabotage in Syria.

"The Turkish government was not only satisfied at hosting the organizations hostile to Syria which came from Arab and different countries or supplying them with weapons and money, but it also opened camps to train the terrorists, receive and host them," the Foreign Ministry said, affirming that one of the Turkish opposition MPs described the refugees whom the Turkish government claims hosting them in camps set up before the outbreak of events in Syria as they are a form of new religious militants.

The Ministry said that the world media has affirmed that, during the latest months, the Turkish government, in particular, received hundreds of tons of weapons coming from Libya and other states through merchants and brokers of terror and delivered them to members of al-Qaeda and Jihadists in Syria in a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council's relevant resolutions, apart from the Turkish weapons given to terrorists and seized by the competent authorities.

The two letters called on the Security Council and its committees to immediately investigate into these dangerous information unveiled and published in a lot of world media, including what has been mentioned in Sunday Times on September 14th, 2012 in order to put an end to these terrorist violations, prosecute and punish the perpetrators, their supporters and funders as they pose a direct threat to the life of Syrian citizens as well as the peace and security of the region.

The Ministry concluded its two letters by saying that the continued silence on those crimes in the framework of immoral coalitions between Turkey and a number of influential countries at the UN Security council, in addition to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya which send carriers of weapons into Syria's neighboring states means supporting the terror, funding it and instigating kill and spite in Syria.

H. Said/ Mazen Eyon  


Photo: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, friend of the US. and Israel

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