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Foreign Ministry Condemns Erdogan's Repeated and Brazen Statements

Sep 6, 2012 - DAMASCUS, SANA - Foreign and Expatriates Ministry On Thursday condemned the "repeated and impudent statements" of the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the latest of which his yesterday statement tackling issues that condemn the Turkish government's policies and its hostile stances.

" Erdogan accuses Syria of terrorism while he and his government practice this terrorism overtly against the Syrian people through harboring, training and supporting the armed terrorist groups, in addition to facilitating the infiltration of terrorists and Jihadists to Syria in a way that has been clearly exposed through the testimonies of journalists who visited Syria and the confessions of terrorists in the Syrian media, and even the statements of some Turkish politicians who accuse Erdogan's government openly of "playing with fire, " the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added " In the time when Erdogan, in every international forum, is calling for establishing buffer zones, it would be useful to remind that the joint borders between the two countries were an example to follow regarding the integration between countries in terms of trade exchange and building friendship bridges between the two brotherly peoples,"

The statement stressed that yet Erdogan, who shoulders the responsibility for the deterioration of the bilateral relations because of his hostile policies, has not been satiated with the Syrian blood he shed and the destruction he caused to Syria, as he also flouted all principles of fraternity and good-neighborly relations between the Syrian and Turkish peoples.

" The sign of Erdogan's aggressive behavior is obvious, as it expresses his frustration for the failure of the scheme targeting Syria and its people," the statement said.

" Friendship ties between the Syrian and Turkish peoples will remain firm, as Erdogan's policies could not drag the Turkish people to antagonize their brothers in Syria." The statement concluded.

Foreign Ministry: Morsi's Statements during Arab FMs Meeting Interference in Syrian Affairs

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned the statements of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during an Arab foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo, considering them a flagrant interference in the Syrian affairs and outright infringement of the Syrians' right to determine their own future.

In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry said that Morsi unequivocally showed that he reflected the views of a group that is detached from the mutual history of the Syrian and Egyptian people.

The Ministry added that Morsi's statements are part of the media instigation that seeks to stoke the ongoing violence in Syria, thus making no exception to the governments which are providing the armed terrorist groups with funds, weapons and refuge, which makes them partners in the bloodshed in Syria.

The Ministry said that history will not forgive them for what they did to the Syrian people, expressing trust that the brotherly Egyptian people are capable of restoring Egypt's role on the Arab arena in a way that redresses the balance that is currently missing in the joint Arab action.

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Photo: Erdogan, friend of  Israel

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