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August 31th, 2012 - DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The terrorist Mohammad Walid al-Assadi admitted that he infiltrated into Syria within a 15-member group to carry out terrorist acts inside Syria.

In his confessions broadcast on the Syrian TV on Thursday, al-Assadi, who is of Lebanese-Palestinian descent, said his group received military training at the hands of the salafi trend in Lebanon under the leadership of Ahmad al-Asir, who has been running a camp to train mercenaries in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon who were to be sent to fight in Syria.

The terrorist added that the camp and the training were funded by parties from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and from al-Mustaqbal movement in Lebanon.

Al-Assadi told the Syrian TV that he and his colleagues received lessons in 'Jihad' and they were asked to regard followers of other religious sects as 'disbelievers' who must be fought to create 'an Islamist caliphate' in the world.

"We were called on to go and back 'the mujahideen' in Syria," said al-Assadi, pointing out that they were trained in physical fitness and using weapons first at a mosque in Sidon and then in another area near Eid al-Hilweh camp.

"One of our trainers was someone nicknamed as Abu Omar and had been trained in Libya for a year," al-Assadi noted.

He explained that they were trained how to use Russian-made machineguns and RPG launchers and were rewarded for hitting the target with USD 100.

"The money came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and it was enough to spend on us so that we wouldn't need to work," said the terrorist, adding that the trainees were allocated USD 3,000 as a monthly salary that was put at the Islamic Bank for their families to benefit from in case they were killed in Syria.

"Our trainers and funders were from al-Mustaqbal movement led by Saad al-Hariri," said al-Assadi.

He narrated the story of how the terrorists were helped enter Syria through Talkalakh city in Homs across the river where they were received by someone called Abu Adnan, who al-Assadi said was responsible for receiving the terrorists and arming them and distributing them to the Syrian provinces.

Al-Assadi said he was caught by a security patrol on the highway near the coastal city of Lattakia, where he was to carry out a suicide operation.

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