Iran wants a political process, no foreign interference !

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August 27, 2012 - TEHRAN, (SANA) – State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar said that Iran's role is in the interest of the Syrian people and is based on preventing foreign interference and halting violence, stressing that the political process in Syria must be between national sides.

At a press conference on Monday, Haidar affirmed that and that any call for foreign intervention will have no place in the coming political stage, and that any suggestion that manifests the US-western project to fragment the region is a non-national suggestion.

He said that everyone knows that Iran has an active role in producing a political process that helps Syrians emerge from the crisis, and that the Syrian themselves - both the people and the leadership – are moving towards a political solution, not any other sort of solution.

Haidar stressed that that Syrian wants a change that makes Syria stronger and more capable of confronting and resisting the US-western project and its tools in the region, adding that any political solution must be based on preventing foreign intervention and rejecting violence from any side, and that this solution must be achieved by the Syrians without interference from any external side and must preserve the unity of people and land and Syria's historic strategic choices.

He pointed out that doors are still open for everyone, and that this was discussed with friends and allies in Iran, affirming that militants who cross borders from other countries to carry out their own agendas in Syria have nothing to do with the political process and will never be a part of it since they didn't come to Syria to defend the Syrians' interests and just demands, adding that this is an entirely different issue that the Syrian government is dealing with through confrontations on the ground against these militants.

Haidar underlined the need to distinguish between the political process as a whole and national dialogue which is one of the axis of the political process and a method to find safe ways out of the crisis that meet the Syrians' just demands which are well-known and which the government is working to achieve.

"As for the reason behind the insistence by the US and some western countries and their tools in the region to have President al-Assad abdicate as a first step to resolving the crisis in Syria, I will respond that this is unacceptable in principle for the reason – as everybody knows – that this suggestion came from abroad and is a direct interference in Syria's internal affairs and a violation of the sovereignty of a country, a sovereignty which is acknowledged by all countries of the world, and this violates the international convention of the people's right to self-determination," he explained.

Haidar went on to say that the issue, structure and mechanisms of change are purely Syrian issues, and that no-one has the right to interfere in them. Therefore, discussing these points constitutes interference in Syrian affairs, adding "all suggestions – whether they are abdication, a transitional phase, a transitional government or otherwise – that interfere in these points are rejected by the Syrians."

He stressed that the only acceptable thing is helping Syrians engage in dialogue, abandon weapons and adopt a political process, noting that it's possible to pose ideas through dialogue which is open to everyone, and that there will be no veto on any idea.

Haidar said ''There are voices abroad who raise slogans that call for rejecting the othe, or who seek resort to weapons and the continuation of fighting until one side conquers the other and speak about fragmenting Syria.''

He said that any project that leads to the rise of the Western-US project in the region, that is redrawing the region on sectarian and racist foundations will have no place in the upcoming political process.

''We want the kind of change that makes Syria more powerful in the face of US-Western project and their tools in the region, which is, on the whole, intended to serve the Zionist project.''

He stressed that the Palestinian cause is in the heart and mind of every Syrian citizen until whole Palestine is back.

Haidar added that the Iranian proposal for solving the crisis in Syria consists of a host of ideas and is not the full proposal to be put forward during the Summit, ''This proposal is based on the principles of rejecting foreign interference and violence or even attempts to justify it for one reason or another, and emphasizes the political solution by the Syrians themselves.''

He said that halting violence must be part of an integral project, adding that there must be a handover of weapons and finding a solution to the issue of gunmen, and that no other weapon exist except that of the state.''

''There are more than 300 armed groups in Syria that are not linked to each other, and the terms used by media such as ''Free Army'' or specific groups with leadership and authorities are untrue,'' Haidar added.

He said that reconciliation goes far beyond than a meeting of two sides, but it is about producing a new environment for a web of relationships among the Syrians that eliminate the effects of the past and addresses its problems in a serious and true manner.

Haidar said that some thought that national reconciliation is a political dialogue, but there still are hundreds of questions, especially about that parties who are to come to dialogue and their actual representation of the Syrian people.

Haidar said that national dialogue takes time and work for achieving the so-called social reconciliation that allows for producing the real representatives of the Syrian people.

On the countries who are interfering in the Syrian internal affairs, Haidar said that no country would accept that another provides weapons, funds, media and political support to armed groups with the aim of weakening or disintegrating the state.

"Iran stands at one distance among all Syrians, doesn't support a side at the expense of the other side.. so the countries concerned should retreat from their measures of boycott and restore the diplomatic relations.. at that time, Syria sees what could be fulfilled in this file," Haidar said.

On the Egyptian initiative, Haidar said that Egypt or any country has to stand at one distance among the Syrians, so it has to adopt a clear stance on the violence and who fund it.

"Iran's vision on the crisis and the way of solution is based on a reality which states that the Syrians have rights and demands that should be met, and the Syrian state seeks to fulfill these demand, but the problem lies in the foreign intervention," Haidar said.

As for the hostile stances of Turkish Premier and his Foreign Minister to Syria, Haidar underlined that the Turkish leadership doesn't say what it is content with, and that the Turkish leaders were conveying messages from the West and the US in particular.

On the Iranian initiative, Haidar said that it concentrates on the halt of violence to make the atmospheres available to go for the political process.

As for the plan of the new UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, Haidar stressed that the average of success or fail of his paln is related to the international agreement on this plan, adding "the issue is not a personal one."

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