Jordan: Solidarity with Syria

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Aug 22, 2012 - AMMAN, (SANA)- Members of the Syrian community in Jordan, in cooperation with the Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting Syria, organized a stand outside the Syrian Embassy in Amman in expression of solidarity with Syria.

The participants in the event, which was held on Tuesday, expressed great confidence in the Syrian Arab Army's ability to protect Syria and its people from terrorism.

They applauded the Syrian people over their steadfastness and awareness of the conspiracy hatched against their homeland, stressing that the Syrians are able to defend their homeland against whoever thinks to tamper with its security and stability.

"Victory is close…we say to the Syrian Arab Army: 'be patient because you have a date with victory and pride,'" Ahmad Tahtamouni, member of the Jordanian Committee, told the Syrian TV.

He added that the Syrian army is considered "the last fortress of the Arab nationalism, and this why they are trying to destroy it."

Laila Sleiman, a member of the Syrian community in Jordan, said the community has full confidence that the Syrian army will pound the mercenary terrorists in Syria.

The participants hailed the role of the Syrian national media in confronting the misleading and fabrication practiced by tendentious media outlets in the framework of the war against Syria, expressing condemnation of the assassination of Syrian journalists and the targeting of the Syrian media institutions.

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