Syria: Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Damascus Countryside and Homs


Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Damascus Countryside and Homs... Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon Foiled

Aug 17, 2012 - PROVINCES, (SANA)- A unit from the armed forces on Friday carried out a "qualitative operation" against armed terrorist groups near the Cultural Center in Hanano area in the city of Aleppo inflicting heavy losses upon their members.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a number of the groups' leaders were killed in the operation.

An armed forces unit destroyed an ammunition warehouse near Adham Mustafa highschool in Saif Addolah neighborhood in Aleppo and killed large numbers of the mercenary terrorists, while another armed forces unit clashed with terrorists near al-Huda Mosque in the same area, killing and injuring a number of them. 

Also in Saif Addolah area, an armed forces unit clashed with terrorists who broke into a commercial complex, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others.


Authorities pursued an armed terrorist group in the area of al-Sleimanyeh in Aleppo city and killed a number of the terrorists.

Also in Aleppo, the armed forces killed a number of leaders of armed terrorist groups in al-Klasah area.

In Bustan al-Basha neighborhood, an armed forces unit, with the aid of locals, confronted a terrorist group which attempted to infiltrate the neighborhood and set up bases in it, clashing with the terrorists near Zahi Azraq Hospital and killing many of them.

Another armed forces unti chased down a group of terrorists in the neighborhoods of Qastal al-Harami and al-Sayyed Ali, killing 8 terrorists and injuring others.

Armed Forces Restore Security to Town of al-Tal in Damascus Countryside

Armed forces units restored security to the town of al-Tal in Damascus Countryside, taking control of it and ridding it of terrorist groups after an operation that lasted several days due to the area's geography and to ensure the safety of locals and their properties.


The operation resulted in the elimination of a large number of terrorists and the arrest of others, in addition to confiscating large amounts of weapons including DShK and PKC machineguns, mortar launchers, and automatic rifles including M16s, in addition to large amounts of ammo, wireless communication devices, night-vision goggles, and stolen medical supplies.

Terrorists Killed or Wounded in Damascus Countryside

In Damascus Countryside, security members guarding the Region's Directorate of Qudssaya repelled an armed terrorist group that attempted to attack the Directorate's building, according to a source in the province.

The source told SANA reporter that the security personnel clashed with the terrorists and inflected heavy losses upon them.

The source also mentioned that the authorities confronted another armed terrorist group in Babila town in Damascus Countryside and killed four of its members.

Booby-trapped Car Explosion in Hama Countryside Causes Material Damage Only

In Hama, a booby-trapped car on Friday exploded near a building affiliated with the Orontes Basin Directorate in al-Ghab area.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the blast of the car, which was placed by terrorists and detonated by remote control, caused material damage to the building's façade but no human casualties.

Terrorists Arrested in Homs Countryside, Their Weapons Seized

The authorities on Friday clashed with a group of terrorists who were driving a car in al-Fruqlus area in the countryside of Homs and arrested its members.

SANA reporter was informed by a source in the province that the authorities seized the terrorists' weapons which included 57 Russian rifles, 3 RPG shells, 41 Russian rifle chargers and three machineguns of various types. 

Also in Homs countryside, the authorities managed to repel an armed terrorist group which attempted to blockade the highway near al-Zara bridge in Talkalakh area, with the ensuing clash resulting in the killing and injuring of several terrorists and the destruction of the cars and motorcycles they were using.

Terrorist Groups Trying to Cross the Border from Lebanon Repelled

OnThursday night, the authorities foiled attempts at infiltration by armed terrorist groups which tried to cross the border from Lebanon in Talkalakh, Homs countryside.

SANA reporter cited a source in the province as saying that the authorities clashed with the terrorist in the countryside of groups at the sites of al-Gheideh and al-Arideh in the countryside of Talkalakh and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Authorities Repel Terrorist Groups Attacking Law Enforcement Personnel in Talkalakh

The source added that the authorities also repelled armed terrorist groups which attacked law enforcement personnel in al-Hosn town in the countryside of Talkalakh.

The source said that the authorities killed and injured the members of the armed groups.

H. Said/ M. Nassr / H. Sabbagh

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