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Al-Maliki: Countries Interfering in Other Countries’ Affairs Will Not Be Safe from Repercussions

Aug 12, 2012

BAGHDAD, (SANA) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned that the countries interfering in the affairs of other countries in the region will be affected by this, and that the coming stage will witness the fall of countries.

In a speech, al-Maliki said that Iraq is part of a region in which there are many fires set by either malicious ignorant sides or those who follow foreign policies and interests, warning that this fire will burn the ignorant, corruptors, sectarians and everyone else.

He stressed that the countries who interfere in others’ affairs mustn’t think themselves safe from repercussions, as destructive thoughts will come around to those who spread them sooner or later.

H. Sabbagh, SANA

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