Turkish jet fighter: American hypocrisy


'Clinton Condemns Syria for Shooting Down Turkish Jet'

Turkish Weekly

June 25, 2012

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned Syria yesterday for the “brazen and unacceptable” shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet and vowed to work with Ankara on a suitable response.

“It is yet another reflection of the Syrian authorities’ callous disregard for international norms, human life, and peace and security,” Clinton said in a written statement.

Clinton said she spoke with Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu on Saturday to convey “grave concern” about the downing of a Turkish F-4 fighter jet by Syrian forces.

“I also told him that our thoughts and prayers are with the missing pilots and their loved ones,” Clinton said.

“The foreign minister briefed me on the specifics of the incident, including that the Syrian military shot its plane down without warning,” she said.

“The United States condemns this brazen and unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms.” President Bashar al-Assad’s government said it downed the F-4 Phantom on Friday after the Turkish jet violated Syrian airspace.

NATO has said it will discuss Turkey’s accusations, while Britain, another member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has offered support for “robust” international action.

Clinton reaffirmed US support for the Turkish government and American solidarity with the Turkish people.

“We will maintain close contact with Turkish officials as they continue to investigate the incident and determine Turkey’s response, including in the Security Council,” she said. “We will work with Turkey and other partners to hold the Assad regime accountable.” Turkey-Syria relations have already been strained by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s outspoken condemnation of the Assad’s regime’s bloody crackdown, which rights activists say has killed more than 15,000 people since March 2011.

“Turkey has been a leader in the international community’s effort to address the Syrian regime’s violence against its own people,” said Clinton.

“We will continue our close cooperation with Turkey as part of our broader efforts to promote a democratic transition in Syria,” she said.

“This work is urgent, and we will be consulting in New York with the Security Council, in Brussels with NATO and the EU, and in Geneva with special envoy Kofi Annan on next steps.”


Photo: NATO which is dominated by the U.S., was bombing the Chinese embassy in Serbia. President Bill Clinton later apologized for the bombing, stating it was 'accidental'. The United Nations Secretary-General, who is also a spokesman of NATO, never expressed his 'deep concern' about this bombing and the bombing of Serbian civilians.  It is time that he expressing his 'deep concern' about the 24 military NATO bases in Turkey, which is the neighbor of Syria and Iran...


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The Turkish jet fighter and the 'self-defense' of NATO


NATO was bombing the Chinese embassy in Serbia. President Bill Clinton later apologized for the bombing, stating it was 'accidental'.

The United Nations Secretary-General, who is also a spokesman of NATO, never expressed his 'deep concern' about this bombing and the bombing of Serbian civilians.


Serbian cities bombed by NATO

Chinese embassy in Belgrade Serbia

Email: chinaemb_yu@mfa.gov.cn
Ambassador: Mr. Wei Jinghua
Address: Augusta Cesarca 2V, Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +38-111-2067909
Fax: +38-111-3066001

Economic & Commercial Office
Tel: +38-111-2651630
Fax: +38-111-2650726
Email: yu@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://yu.mofcom.gov.c


NATO and and the fall of the euro...


7 Feb 2011 - 'Nato Brussels headquarters to cost €1billion'
Nato's new headquarters in Brussels will cost its members €1billion (£841 million) at a time of deep cuts to British defence budgets and despite promises by the Alliance to cut its costs.
18 May 2012 - 'Afghan war will leave taxpayers with £20bn bill as government reveal true cost of conflict'
May 20, 2012 - 'Karzai has said his country will need at least $10 billion per year in overall aid through 2025'.
21 May 2012 - 'Mr Hollande also said that as a Nato member France was being asked to contribute to the Afghan security forces budget of $4.1 billion a year from 2015'.

June 6, 2012 - 'Metra: NATO cost rail line $800,000'
Lost passenger revenue, added security boosted tab
June 13, 2012 - 'The rise and fall of the euro'
Just one decade after the European single currency was launched amid fanfare and fireworks, its future looks uncertain as the debt crisis that engulfed Greece, Ireland and Portugal threatens the entire bloc.
Spain, the bloc's fourth-largest economy, is the latest country to be swept into the crisis. In June, it was forced to seek up to €100 billion in aid from its eurozone peers to shore up its banking sector...
'Call for Nato help with Army costs'
The projected cost of operations in Afghanistan for 2006/07 is £770 million, the highest since troops were first sent there in 2001...
NATO: Just why are people protesting?
NATO is responsible for 70% of world military expenditures – and the U.S. is responsible for 50% of world military expenditures, $711 billion in 2011 alone. And that’s just the part of the military budget that’s not secret or buried in other parts of the budget...

Photo: NATO buildings in Brussels

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Turkish Phantom Fighter shot down deep inside Syrian airspace

downed-turkish-fighter1.jpgThe Turkish Phantom Fighter was shot down deep inside Syrian airspace and only 10 km off the coast (as marked by the white dot in the black circle).

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