17.6.2011 - Manifestation in Tripoli: CNN reports on a normal way


A lot of people are happy and furious at the same time with this CNN-news because they know the dirty role CNN, Fox News and all the other media corporations have played in this war. The people in the West have serious questions about NATO, UN and the decisionmakers in Washington and Europe. They know also that they will pay for this ridiculous war with increased taxes and further privatisations as is already the case in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.


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The bombing of Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia,
In the 1920s and 1930s, the air power theorists Giulio Douhet and Billy Mitchell espoused the idea that air forces could win wars by themselves, without a need for land and sea fighting. It was thought there was no defence against air attack, particularly at night. Enemy industry, their seats of government, factories and communications could be destroyed, effectively denying them the means to resist. It was also thought the bombing of residential centres would cause a collapse of civilian will, which may have led to the collapse of production and civil life. Democracies, where the populace was allowed to show overt disapproval of the ruling government, were thought particularly vulnerable.

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